Suomi, I returned

Hello everybody!

I don’t know if anyone can still remember me but I was already writing for Kantti about my EVS project in Seinäjoki one year ago. About what EVS is and how you can participate I will probably write an article later on.

I will also publish articles about many other things because I’m working as a Kantti summer reporter during whole August. So, for that time I try to focus on the monthly themes like internationality, culture and travel but also I would like to seize other, different topics. If there are any suggestions of what you would like me to write about, I’m really open for any ideas. Just write it in the comments or send me your opinions by e-mail: 

 I’m really excited to be back here and able to write again. I hope to have many Finnish readers, although I’m only writing in English (sorry about that). But believe me it would be worse if I tried in Finnish. :)

Anja Kaufmann


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